ADGY Opens the Fall Season with ‘Timeline’ by Artist Kristina Müller-Eberhard


La Jolla, CA, Sep 25th, 2017 – ADGY Art is pleased to present ‘Timeline’ a solo exhibition by accomplished artist, sculptor and photographer Kristina Müller-Eberhard.  Opening on Saturday, October 14th from 4-7pm located at La Plaza La Jolla, 7863 Girard Ave, Suite 102, La Jolla, CA 92037.

Well versed in a variety of artistic styles, Müller-Eberhard has chosen to feature photographic works for “Timeline”.  Her images reflect a variety of locations, perspectives and colors set up in a linear format. They seems complex, yet full of ordering levels of sense.  The images collide to form a distinct moment in time and one gets the sensation that you are viewing memories, or perhaps your own forgotten moments. Müller-Eberhard’s current body of work expresses this reflection of moments in a ‘timeline’ through photography she captures images from an unfolding event, a perception of place to abstractions of light.

“Our existence on the timeline of ‘life’ is very fleeting. This brief timeline is a reflection of our reality and thoughts of our lives in context with current events in our society and in our environment. Capturing this can be an expression of time lapses between events such as seconds, hours or years. They can simultaneity overlap events throughout the world or they can be abstractions of a moment, a movement or a transient perception of a single event, place or thought.”– Kristina Müller-Eberhard

Müller-Eberhard continues her explorations living and working in La Jolla, California.  ‘Timeline’ will be on view at ADGY Art from October 14th to October 28th, 2017.  The gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11a to 5pm and by appointment on Sunday and Monday.  For more information or to schedule a private viewing please contact the gallery at or 858-382-9467.

ADGY Art is focused on representing pivotal contemporary artists and their masterworks in painting, drawing, photography, sculpture and video.  The gallery has a schedule of curated shows through the 2017 season at La Plaza La Jolla.

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